Spectacle Group is an award-winning visual communications, graphic design and marketing studio based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We build brands, develop products and execute strategies across all media. We have developed a substantial reputation for originality and professionalism in the development and implementation of integrated promotional strategies.

Spectacle Group takes the campaign-driven process of the ad agency world and melds it with the hands-on, creative thinking of a design studio. By combining creativity, experience and a team approach we are able to work closely with our clients in a way that most smaller or larger firms cannot. 

Our problem-solving methodology means a focus on measurable, successful outcomes. Crafting communications that work is our only business; we believe in putting your customers' needs first.


Areas of specialization

  • Branding & Brand Strategy
  • Design & Visual Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Website Content Strategy
  • Website Design, Build & SEO
  • Traditional Media Advertising Design & Creative Strategy - Print, Billboards, Signage, TV & Radio
  • Online Advertising Design & Creative Strategy - Pay-per-click, Impression-based, Display ads, Adwords
  • Social Media Design & Creative Strategy - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • E-newsletters, Direct mail
  • Media Planning
  • Tradeshow Booth & Signage Design
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Interpretive Display Design
  • Production Management
  • Writing & Editing