NSCAD University

Designs that celebrates the creative, the quirky, and the clever that is NSCAD.


NSCAD University was in need of revitalizing the visual communications and messaging of both their alumni outreach initiates as well as to stakeholders through their annual reports.

We focussed on parlaying the school’s inherent gift of creativity and pushing boundaries into the visual design and tone of the report and subsequent annual giving campaign. The materials worked cohesively to reinforce the messaging and progressive tone created with cutting edge design.

NSCAD Annual Report 2015-2016

We wanted the materials to reflect the way alumni in particular, but also how people casually aware of NSCAD, view the institution: an irreverent, creative, open-minded community where everything is pursued with a high level of craft.

Each piece is designed to indicate different way of seeing things coupled with exacting production values.

NSCAD Annual Report 2015-2016
NSCAD Annual Report 2015-2016


NSCAD’s Annual Giving campaign need both a visual refocus and complete messaging rethink. The campaign expanded on the visual language initiated with the annual reports with a compelling, highly-tactile direct-mail piece for alumni. The copy was developed in tandem with the design to evoke a collegial pride. The ask was specifically aimed at passing that pride directly along to students with gifts in a much more specific way than the usual general appeal by identifying specific bursaries of their choice. The design made making the choice of giving interactive and amusing. Much like the school, transforming the mundane to remarkable.

These campaigns ware significantly more successful than the preceding several years.