Tipping Point Distillers

Tipping Point Distillers signature spirit has successfully launched with its first run quickly selling out far ahead of schedule.

Distillery gauges
Tipping Point Vodka bottles
Premium small-batch spirits straight from Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

Tipping Point spirits are created in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients, all without the use of chemical additives, in a rustic, though state-of-the-art, South Shore, Nova Scotia distillery.

The signature products are a premium vodka and an aged rum made by all-local experts in their craft who are fiercely proud of where they’re from.

We created a crisp, clean and tactile label that emphasizes the purity and craft of this vodka while the rum label though visually cohesive is the warm counterpart. Employing high-end materials and printing effects we created a package that reflects the skill and spirit of the distillers.


The visuals and label messaging represent the sense of place that is so vital to the Tipping Point brand. Utilizing nautical themes, the South Shore lifestyle is embodied in the product, packaging, and their location near Chester, the epicentre of Nova Scotia sailing.

Tipping Point Vodka label