Mercator Vineyards

An new world winery with a focus on authentic old world style wines.

Brand Development

The genesis of the Mercator Vineyards brand is rooted in a winery distinctive for the estate’s 200-year-old farm lands, its authentic heritage and in its simple focus on old-world style wine. The vineyards are situated on a high bluff overlooking the historic Acadian dykelands on the Bay of Fundy. The winery experience is welcoming and relaxed in a lovingly restored space that showcases extraordinary wines and deliciously paired culinary offerings. The tradition of the lands original hard working European settlers’ rustic and hearty food and drink continues here today.

Named for Gerardus Mercator the pioneering cartographer whose groundbreaking world map was the gold standard in the age of exploration, in the tradition of our forebears, Mercator Vineyards welcomes visitors from the world over to experience the genuine warmth of our people and their craft from the bounty of this land.

Spectacle Group was integral in the early development of the Mercator brand and developing the story that grew from this deep heritage and winemaking objectives.

From the early stages Spectacle Group lead the development of the vineyard naming, it’s visual identity and tone for communications. We created the systems and design for the packaging for all the Mercator products and continue consultations on new products and initiatives.

We have helped create a premium old-world brand that is both unique and intrinsic to its sense of place.


We have continued working with Mercator in all of their marketing efforts including destination advertising, social media strategy and curation and working with staff to keep messaging on brand.

We have and continue to produce cohesive in-store collateral for visitors to the vineyard.

We also maintain an active role in developing new product naming and design.

Because the winery experience is so integral to the Mercator brand the vineyard signage is a key component to it’s identity. We have created a beautifully complimentary as well as highly effective signage and wayfinding system for both the winery and throughout the vineyard.