Siobhan Cleary

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Siobhan Cleary

"It is my business to make a spectacle, to make someone's experience in the world better, your sales figures grow, all of us proud to have placed another message or product into the world. I assume you expect no less for your business, so that is ground zero in our collaboration—together we are starting from the assumption of a remarkable result."

Long ago and along the wayward path to becoming a fine artist, Siobhan discovered that the algebraic equation for her vocation required the human variable. A simple formula became her mantra: spectacular communication design is the outcome of human objective plus creative planning, multiplied by brilliant visuals. This core value combined with hereditary mercantilism set the stage for founding Spectacle.

Even before graduating with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications with Honours from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1993, Siobhan was a partner in a visual design company. Twenty years later, she is still as driven and committed to the art of communication design. 

After founding Spectacle Design in 2001, Siobhan became one of the partners in Spectacle Communications Group in 2005. As President and Creative Director, her blend of fine art training and belief in a design-driven approach to communications shows in Spectacle Group's award-winning brands, packaging and marketing materials.

Spectacle’s team of designers works cohesively, collaboratively and creatively to design and implement remarkable solutions and relevant tools across all media. An open studio filled with show-and-tell, laughter and some pretty bad jokes nourishes the creativity and is evidence that if you start from the assumption of a remarkable result you turn up there. 

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