Scott Hodgson

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Scott Hodgson

“When I discovered design at university it was like crack. (Okay, maybe cocaine, it was the 80s.) I was addicted. It was a world of applied creativity. It sounded good then and does still.”

Over the years Scott has honed his problem-solving approach to design through countless branding, identity, advertising and packaging projects to name a few. Plenty of travel and stints in the US and Middle East have expanded his views of what great design can be.

“I love our studio. Ideas bounce around like tennis balls. There really doesn’t seem to be a challenge we can’t solve.“

He encourages an open flow of ideas, insights and opinions with his clients. Coupled with an open studio where concepts are freely developed, shaped and refined, he consistently produces work that engages audiences and produces results.

He loves clever copy, an elegant design, or mess of a problem and a ridiculous deadline. It’s all part of what makes this work so much fun. 

t: (902) 405-4140