Iain K. MacLeod

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Iain K. MacLeod

“I love technological change because it challenges us to look at our work and life balance. I want to help find solutions that save time and relieve aggravation. I feel good empowering and educating through sharing my knowledge and tools. I just wish it didn’t involve so many damn different browsers, operating systems, and screen sizes.”

Iain used an Apple II to watch fish eat each other in Odell Lake. WordPerfect kickstarted a passion for writing and documenting, and the over-priced connectivity of CompuServe honed his communication skills.

Growing up around the creative arts led him to working with Celtic Colours, The Coast, and the Atlantic Film Festival, where he met the rest of Spectacle Group.

Stumbling into web development after attempts at computer science, psychology, and freelance journalism, Iain also adds email marketing, e-commerce, and social media and online strategy to his ever-growing list of specialities.

Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Iain and his family now call Halifax home.